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The Role & Responsibilities

This Consultant role is a crucial position within our business. We are seeking a dynamic, self-motivated individual who is a critical thinker and possesses strong organizational skills to help us build our consulting services and capabilities. The successful candidate will work independently as well as with the team on various Climate, ESG, and Sustainability assignments. They will also support the development of new routes to market and actively engage in business development activities as needed.


- Contribute to the development and delivery of Climate, ESG, and Sustainability transformation consultancy for the business

- Support the team in winning new work and contribute to the assembly of high-quality tenders and submissions

- Assist with the development and implementation of strategies, programs, and initiatives for clients that align with their climate and sustainability goals

- Contribute to project planning, cost recording, reporting, and analysis

- Work collaboratively with cross-functional teams to integrate climate and sustainability practices into submissions and initiatives

- Identify innovative solutions and technologies that support sustainability goals, such as renewable energy, climate risk and resilience, circular economy practices, and sustainable value chain management

- Support the reporting of the sales pipeline focused on the delivery of Climate, ESG, and Sustainability

- Prepare comprehensive ESG, climate, and sustainability reports in alignment with industry standards and frameworks such as CDP, B-Corp, ISSB, UN Global Compact, TCFD, TNFD, SBTi, ISO

A key part of this Consultant role will be to support and contribute to the delivery and further development of our services in the following areas:

- Climate Risk & Resilience / Net Zero & the Energy Transition / Sustainable Technology / ESG Analyses, Audit & Assurance / Circular Economy & Value Chain

Candidate Requirements

- At least 2 years of consultancy experience in Climate, ESG, and Sustainability or a closely related field

- Knowledge of sustainability and decarbonization, including understanding of clients' requirements, the market, regulatory frameworks, and processes

- Experience delivering projects, programs, and solutions in carbon accounting aligned with the GHG Protocol or a similar relevant area of work

- Track record in supporting sales and delivering consulting solutions

- Strong client and colleague relationship-building skills

- Recent experience in working with or within related sectors such as Ministry of Defence, Nuclear, Public Sector, IT, or Infrastructure programs

- Understanding of the classification and protection of classified information

- Ability to contribute to project and program delivery organization

- Appreciation of business change and transformation strategies

- Knowledge of sustainable digital technologies and data

- Specific experience in at least one of the following areas: Climate Risk & Resilience, ESG Analyses, Audit & Assurance, Net Zero & Energy Transition, Circular Economy & Value Chain, Sustainable Technology


- Understanding of project funding routes and bid systems

- Ability to contribute to the development of bids and complex proposals

- Experience in program assurance reviews and the delivery of major business and change management solutions

- Network of relevant contacts in climate, ESG, and sustainability

- BA or BSc in a relevant area

- MSc or MA in a relevant area

- Work experience in Defense Industry / Ecosystem Security Clearance

- Member of IEMA


- Private Healthcare/medical cover

- Group life insurance

- Annual bonus scheme (performance dependent)

- 25 days holiday plus bank holidays (increasing by 1 day per year with the company, up to a maximum of 30 days bank holidays)

10 Interview Questions You Might Get Asked

These are questions that we think might come up at some point during the interview process. It's worth prepping answers for the questions below, as well as other key areas you think will be important to secure the role.

1. Can you tell us about your experience in consultancy within the Climate, ESG, and Sustainability field? 2. How familiar are you with sustainability and decarbonization initiatives, including regulatory frameworks and processes? 3. Have you worked on projects related to carbon accounting and GHG analysis, following protocols such as the GHG Protocol? 4. Can you provide examples of how you have supported sales and contributed to the delivery of consulting solutions? 5. Have you worked with or within the Ministry of Defence, Nuclear, Public Sector, IT, or Infrastructure programs? 6. Are you knowledgeable about the classification and protection of classified information? 7. How comfortable are you with project and program delivery organization and contributing to project planning, cost recording, reporting, and analysis? 8. Do you have experience or knowledge in sustainable digital technologies and data? 9. Which specific area of Climate, ESG, and Sustainability are you most experienced in and can contribute to? (Climate Risk & Resilience, ESG Analyses, Audit & Assurance, Net Zero & Energy Transition, Circular Economy & Value Chain, Sustainable Technology) 10. Can you provide any examples of your involvement in bidding processes, complex proposals, and technical assistance in bid costings and scope?

5 Questions You Could Ask

Based on the job description above, here are 5 questions we think you could ask during your interview. Use them as a guide to help you write your own questions.

Remember: Always have at least 5 questions prepared for the interview. If you do not, you run the risk of looking unprepared.

  • Can you provide more information about the specific consulting services and capabilities that I will be helping to build?
  • What types of clients and industries will I be working with to develop strategies and initiatives for their climate and sustainability goals?
  • Can you tell me more about the reporting standards and frameworks that I will be working with, such as CDP, B-Corp, ISSB, UN Global Compact, TCFD, TNFD, SBTi, ISO?
  • What are some examples of the specific projects and solutions that I will be delivering in the areas of Climate Risk & Resilience, Net Zero & the Energy Transition, Sustainable Technology, ESG Analyses, Audit & Assurance, Circular Economy & Value Chain Sustainability, and Digital Sustainability?
  • What professional development and networking opportunities are available to support my growth in the field of Climate, ESG, and Sustainability?
Job Location
Job Data

Company: Latcom

Location: London

Posted: 2023-11-17 00:00:00

Salary: £55,000

Salary Per:

Salary Min:

Salary Max:


Job Type: permanent

FT or PT:

Category: Management / exec / consulting

Latitude: 51.507322

Longitude: -0.127647

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